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So what is this Maine Discounts thing?

What is Maine Discounts?
Think of Maine Discounts as an online coupon book - or a coupon app. Shoppers pay an annual fee for access to hundreds of coupons offered by Maine businesses. You can browse for coupons on your smartphone or computer. You'll redeem coupons at area businesses using an app which is compatible with both Apple(iPhone) and Android phones and tablets.
How can I sign up if I have a business?
All you have to do is fill out a form on our website to create your merchant listing and offer a coupon to our customers.
How much does it cost to advertise in Maine Discounts?
Businesses don't have to pay anything to participate in Maine Discounts. You don't pay us anything when you add the coupon and you don't pay anything when someone uses a coupon. We don't charge businesses for our services because want to partner with as many Maine establishments as we can. The more businesses participating in Maine Discounts, the more deals Maine Discounts can offer to our customers.
How many coupons will be in Maine Discounts?
We want to have as many coupons as businesses are willing to offer! Our goal is to have at least 200 participating businesses by the time we launch in the late spring.
Why should I offer a coupon in Maine Discounts?
Your business doesn't have to pay any money to insert a coupon offer in Maine Discounts, which makes us a low cost way to earn new customers. You can invest the money you would have spent on an ad to offer an incentive which will attract new customers.
What will Maine Discounts do for my business?
Maine Discounts will bring more foot traffic to your establishment by giving value oriented shoppers what they want. Your organization will also be published in the Maine Discounts directory. We'll select feature businesses to promote on the homepage on a regular basis. You can also connect with us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
How can I buy a Maine Discounts pass?
The pass will be available in May.
Why coupons?
Coupons are a time honored way to attract more shoppers to your store. The popularity of coupon vouchers like Groupon shows that today's shoppers are motivated by value based advertising.
Is there a catch?
Nope! Maine Discounts will never cost advertisers a dime.
How are you going to sell the pass?
We plan on selling the pass on our website and through partnerships with other entitites. If you are interested in selling Maine Discounts for a commision, let us know!
Who are you?
Maine Discounts was founded by a native Mainer with a background in business and technology. We are passionate about our state and want to help Maine businesses win shopper dollars while encouraging both locals and visitors to try something new.

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