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Welcome to Maine Discounts, your go-to site for seeing more and spending less. Whether you are in Maine for a weekend, a week, or a lifetime, we have something for you.

Think of Maine Discounts as an online coupon book or coupon app. Shoppers pay a small fee for access to hundreds of coupons offered by Maine businesses. Coupons are delivered and redeemed via an app which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Unlike most coupon books, businesses don't have to pay to include their offer in Maine Discounts. This means more discounts for shoppers and more shoppers for local businesses. It's a win for everyone!

We're currently accepting applications from merchants who want to publish a coupon in Maine Discounts. If you're a business, create a Merchant account here.

Maine Discount membership passes will be available for sale in the late spring. If you'd like an email when passes are ready, sign up below.

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